I Am Victorious

Posted Dec 2, 2009 at 11:08 am

I’ve been trying to get something new posted here for the last few days. It’s just that whenever I started to, someone would say “durrr, let’s play L4D2” and I did. Sorry loyal reader(s) but playing that game is more fun than writing.

So the reason I’m posting is to talk about my adventures ordering the parts for a new computer system.

I started by compiling a list and posting it for my good friends at TheVille.org for advice on improvements. Several changes later, it was ready and I decided to order everything from NewEgg on Black Friday. This saved me a couple hundred bucks.

There was just one problem.

While I was able to order most of the parts, one part was missing. It was the elusive ATI Radeon HD 5870 graphics card. This sneaky little bastard was nowhere to be found. Legend had it the thing was a myth, but I would not except that.

I set out on a quest to find the 5870, searching every website, store, warehouse, outhouse, crackhouse, and taco stand in the country. At some point I was searching a sewer when I realized they don’t sell electronics in sewers.

I searched all these places

I searched all these places

I was somewhere in the Sahara when I saw it in the distance. With light shining down from the ridiculously hot sun, the card was levitating there before it turned into a cheeseburger. It was then that it became obvious I was suffering from severe dehydration.

After that I decided to check NewEgg again, and there it was. The Sapphire Radeon HD 5870 was in stock, so I ordered it immediately.



So that’s it… I have captured the mythical 5870!


  • Gizanked

    I’m picturing the 5870 riding on a unicorn across a rainbow… it can’t be true

  • Dirty Dan

    O dang, that’s a pretty video card. And crack house. Seriously, it looks pretty organized.

  • TheCarpe

    Weird. I found my video card in a taco stand.

  • Araris

    Looks a lot like you Stevo!

    • StevoTVR

      No, you look a lot like you!

  • […] short, it has an Intel Core i7 CPU with 12 GB of RAM and Radeon HD 5870 (interesting story about that) running Windows 7. It’s fast and it has plenty of memory for video editing […]


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