What is this?

This is a blog about myself and the various things I find interesting. This might include what’s in the news, something I happen to be thinking about, or nothing at all. Whatever.

So what is a blog? Well it’s some kind of internet thing that people do usually for no good reason.

What kind of name is StevoTVR?

StevoTVR is a handle I use on the internet. It is composed of two distinct parts, Stevo and TVR. Stevo is a name I came up with while playing TFC in like 2000 or so. After playing as Steve (my real name) for a while I decided I needed to be more creative, so I cleverly changed an e to an o. Pretty wild, huh?

TVR is the abbreviation and tag for a group of regulars of TheVille.org gaming community (i.e. The Ville Regulars). So in game with the tag, my name is Stevo.TVR. With the period removed, you have the name StevoTVR.

Who are you?

I am Steve. I do stuff with websites (and sometimes video). I am a man of few words (when it come to talking about myself). The end.