These are plugins I’ve written for SourceMod, an addon for Source games that provides a scripting engine for customizing game servers.

Auto SourceTV Recorder

Automates SourceTV demo recording based on player count and time of day. Also allows admins to manually record. This is useful if you want to keep records of suspected cheaters or other problem players, but you don’t want to waste space on off times.

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VAC Status Checker

VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) bans cheaters on an engine-specific basis. So if someone is banned by VAC on one engine, they can still connect to secure servers on another engine. For example, someone that is banned on CS 1.6 can play on CS:S servers until they are caught hacking there. Fortunately, each players VAC status is readily available on their Steam Community profile.

This plugin uses that information to take a desired action (kick, ban, or log). This way, server admins can decide to lock out anyone who has ever used hacks on any engine.

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Server Whitelist

This plugin gives you a simple way to limit access to the server to a list of SteamIDs in a text file. It’s an alternative to using a password that can be leaked. The intent is to make this task easier without having to use reserved slots.

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TK Manager

This is a basic automated team kill/wound manager. It does not use any forgive menus or input from players, it just uses a point system to detect intentional team killers. Players can gain points for team kills and team wounds, and lose points for enemy kills. When the player reaches the limit, it either kicks or bans the player depending on configuration.

The plugin also stores use data in a sqlite database so players can’t just reconnect to reset their points and avoid getting banned. It can also optionally store this info across map changes.

Based on a default installation:

  • 4 consecutive TKs = kick
  • 1 TK = +1 pt
  • 3 TW = +1 pt
  • 2 kills = -1 pt
  • 12 pt = ban

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Insurgency Chat

Insurgency handles chat different than most other Source mods, which causes problems with most SourceMod plugins that hook payer chat. This is a simple plugin that attempts to provide a workaround to this by converting the chat into the standard format so plugins will recognize it. It also logs the chat to the server logs, which is useful for admins to find problem players (especially those who use HLSW to monitor the server).

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