Left 4 Dead 2

Posted Nov 29, 2009 at 12:13 pm

Left 4 Dead 2Left 4 Dead 2, the sequel to the popular zombie shooter Left 4 Dead was released earlier this month. Overall it is a huge improvement over it’s predecessor, with new weapons, new types of infected, and some new game modes (and more detailed gore). This review will cover what’s new in Left 4 Dead 2.

Game Modes

Along with original Co-op, Verses and Survival modes, L4D2 adds Scavenge and Realism to the mix.

Scavenge mode pits two teams of 4 together in a race to collect the most gas cans. Teams take turns between Survivors collecting cans, and Infected trying to stop them. The winning team can be determined in a single round or the best 2/3 or 3/5 rounds. Scavenge is my new favorite game mode, since games are short and full of action!

Realism is basically Co-op with the “user-friendly” features removed along with some damage modifications. This means that helpers like halos around teammates and items are removed for a much less forgiving environment. It was designed for the hard-core players.

New Special Infected

Among the original Hunter, Smoker, Boomer, Tank and Witch, L4D2 introduces the Charger, Spitter and Jockey. The game also adds a new type of common infected called uncommon common, which have unique traits.

(left to right) Charger, Spitter, Jockey, and two Uncommon Common

Charger, Spitter, Jockey, and two Uncommon Common

The Charger’s special ability is charging at groups of survivors. Successful charges can stun up to all four survivors, grabbing one and pummeling him/her into the ground. He can also carry someone over long distances, sometimes over a cliff. He is useful in a variety of situations, but can be very difficult to use due to it’s odd clipping.

The Spitter’s special ability is spitting acid over an area. Survivors take damage while standing in the acid, forcing them to move. It appears to be designed specifically for countering camping tactics, which is a welcome change.

The Jockey’s special ability is hopping on someone’s back and steering him/her into danger. Once on, he can be difficult to remove since his victim is moving. The Jockey is definitely my favorite to play, and the most hilarious with his maniacal laughter.

New Weapons

One of my complaints about L4D was a lack of variety in weapon choices, but this is definitely not the case in L4D2. Along with the original lineup there are several new weapons, the addition of melee weapons, new items, as well as special ammunition and attachments.

Magnum and Grenade Launcher

Magnum and Grenade Launcher

The new melee weapons are my new favorite (probably used more than guns). From katanas to guitars to chainsaws, there’s plenty of options when it comes to knocking zombie heads off.

Guitar, Chainsaw, and Fire Axe

Guitar, Chainsaw, and Fire Axe

The new items offer plenty of options. You can pick up an adrenalin shot for a temporary speed boost, or a jar of Boomer bile for a role reversal. If you are willing to give up a first aid kit, you can pick up a defibrillator or explosive/incendiary ammo.

Bile Jar, Defibrillator, Laser Sights, and Incendiary Rounds

Bile Jar, Defibrillator, Laser Sights, and Incendiary Rounds

The Story

The CharactersWhat stands out about the story is the setting. The entire campaign takes place in the southern U.S. and has a continuous plot. There are several scenes taking place during the day for a nice change. There are also some really amazing environmental effects in some scenes.

The characters seem rather uninteresting for the most part, but they all have a unique personality. I don’t know what it is but the original cast seemed much more original and appealing.


If you enjoyed Left 4 Dead, you will definitely enjoy Left 4 Dead 2. It has everything good from the original and tons more added on top. Even some of the original features were improved like the AI and Verses mode scoring.

The game plays much better overall, with much less hiding in corners and much more frantic running through hordes of zombies. I approve! 😀

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